E61 Placed Into Service
By Secretary Tom Ward
May 7, 2019

VHC places 2019 Pierce Enforcer Pumper into Service

Thirty years, to the day, after the 1989 Pierce Lance 'E63' was placed into service the men and women of the Vigilant Hose Company (VHC) were excited to place our 2019 Pierce Enforcer 'E61' pumper into service. About sixty members of the VHC along with community members were on hand for the ceremony. VHC Fire Chief Chad Umbel served as the master of ceremonies for the event on Tuesday, May 7th.

While the membership was preparing the former E63 for decommission and transfer to the Pine Mountain, Ark. VFD the original service plaque from the units commissioning was found indicating E63 was placed into service on May 7th, 1989. The membership found it appropriate to achieve a May 7th, 2019 service introduction date for E61. The former VHC fire chiefs were on hand to conduct a 'hose down' of the new engine. This tradition dates back to the mid 1800s when the horses that would pull the steam pumpers and cisterns would be wet down and cleaned prior to being allowed back into the station. Former VHC Chief John Hollinger held the nozzle and gave E61 it's wet down.

Members then all participated in drying off the engine before backing it into the station, readying it for service. We cannot express enough our gratitude to the members of the Emmitsburg community and our supporters throughout the Mason-Dixon region for their amazing and unparalleled support that made this purchase possible.

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